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The New 2013 Ford Mondeo Set to be Unveiled

Posted on 22 December 2011
The New 2013 Ford Mondeo Set to be Unveiled
The New 2013 Ford Mondeo Set to be Unveiled

The 2012 Detroit Auto Show is all set to be the stage that reveals to the world, the all-new 2013 model of the Ford Mondeo. Images released via the company’s IPad app give a glimpse as to how the much anticipated vehicle will look when it goes on sale later in the year.

The Mondeo is to be manufactured in under the company’s “One Ford” programme which will market the vehicle in markets across the world. While the Mondeo badge will be featured in the Australia and European versions of the car, North America will see the vehicle marketed as the all-new Ford Fusion.

State-of-the-art design and technology is very apparent with the latest Mondeo and much of the styling aspect is taken from the new Evos concept. The Evos Concept influence is very noticeable at the front end of the car with the addition of a large, high-set trapezoidal grille and long narrow headlights, these features separate the current model from those of years gone by. The fourth generation model is likely to become a favourite of critics and consumers, further cementing Ford’s place at the top of the global car market.

With many snippets of information being held back until the car is fully unveiled in Detroit, details of the engine are confirmed. There will be a choice of four power plants available, the petrol version will include Ford’s EcoBoost technology with four cylinder options in Ford Mondeo 1.6 and Ford Mondeo 2.0 litres. Two hybrid variants are to be released; each of these is to feature a 2.0 litre Atkinson-cycle four cylinder, an engine that is shared with the C-Max Hybrid and C-Max Energi Plug-in Hybrid. The regular version of the 2013 Mondeo Hybrid is set to provide owners with a much better fuel economy than the previous 2.5 litre model’s ratio of 41 mpg.

Another key feature that is set to be revealed is the addition of the lane-keeping system. The lane departing warning system is cutting edge technology, it works by using rear-view cameras to monitor the car and provide warnings to drivers that are veering out-of-lane. The warning is relayed to the driver through a vibration of the steering wheel. It is not likely that the lane-keeping system will be included as standard and will need to be purchased as part of a technology package, which will also include blind spot warnings and Active Park assist, which will help owners negotiate tricky parking situations such as those tight spaces at multi-storey car parks.

Having a car that stands out from the pack is something very important to the Ford brand and this has certainly been achieved in the new Mondeo. With the mid-size family car market currently more competitive than ever, the 2013 version of Ford’s most popular mid-size vehicle will allow the company to expand on the success of previous models. Quality, versatility, technology and most of all reliability are expected of all Ford models and the Mondeo provides this on a grand scale.





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