6 Car Things to Check Before Your Holiday Road Trip




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6 Car Things to Check Before Your Holiday Road Trip

Posted on 25 Jul 2017

Summer is the holiday season here in the UK. It is also the time of year when we take to the roads more often, travelling to our favourite destinations to spend time with family and friends. At any rate, it's not wise to embark on a holiday road trip without first checking out the car. Taking just a few minutes of your time to do a quick car inspection can save you a lot of trouble once you are on the road.

6 Car Things to Check Before Your Holiday Road Trip

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1. Fluids (oil, coolant, etc.)

All the fluids in your car perform vital functions. Oil lubricates the engine; coolant keeps the engine from overheating; transmission fluid both protects the transmission and enables it to function. All three should be checked prior to departure.

Oil and transmission fluid can be checked via their respective dip sticks. Oil should be checked while cool; transmission fluid should be checked after letting the engine run for a few minutes. Coolant can be checked by looking inside the overflow reservoir.

2. Tyres

You should check three things on your tyres: air pressure, tread wear, and side walls. Check proper tyre pressure to save on fuel consumption, prevent unnecessary wear, and provide the best possible handling. Check tread wear and tyre side walls to ensure they are still safe to drive on. Remember that your tyres could make a life-and-death difference in the event of bad weather or the need to stop suddenly.

3. Lights

Check all your exterior lights to make sure they are functioning properly. This means headlamps, tail lamps, brake lights and, if equipped, running lights. If you plan to travel in continental Europe, your headlamps may need to be fitted with beam converters. Check with your dealer if you're not sure.

4. Wiper Blades and Fluid

Spray your windscreen with water and then test your wiper blades to make sure they are functioning well. If they cannot completely remove water from the windscreen surface, they need to be replaced. While you're at it, check your screenwash as well. You do not want to run out at a time when you need it 

5. Jack and Locking Wheel Nut Key

Changing a tyre while you are on the road is never fun. If you want to change a flat tyre yourself rather than waiting around for roadside assistance, you're going to need your jack and wheel nut key. And if you do call a professional, having these items on board will certainly make the technician's job easier.

6. Air-Conditioning

Check your air-conditioning by turning on the engine and letting it run for a few minutes. If it's only blowing warm air, your unit may need to be recharged. Obviously, air-conditioning does not apply for winter holidays. But then you'll need to check your heater before you depart.

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