Deal with Ford Could Save BlackBerry




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Deal with Ford Could Save BlackBerry

Posted on 28 Nov 2016

The fortunes of Ford and BlackBerry could not be any different. One is a global company that has led the market in the UK for years while the other is a company now fighting for its very survival. Ford has survived the Great Depression, two world wars, and multiple recessions to become one of the most powerful automotive nameplates in the industry; BlackBerry has barely managed to survive the war between iOS and Android. Now, in an ironic twist of fate, a deal made with Ford could save BlackBerry from extinction.

Earlier this year (2016), BlackBerry announced it would no longer be manufacturing handsets to compete with iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy line, and a handful of smaller competitors that are also trying to maintain their share of the smartphone market. BlackBerry has instead chosen to turn its attentions to software products for the 21st century instead. In so doing, it appears they have inked a deal with Ford to provide all, or some, of the software Ford needs for its driverless car programme.

Deal With Ford Could Save Blackberry

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Wired magazine reported in early November that Ford and BlackBerry signed a deal that will see the Canadian software company provide at least some of the code that will eventually be used in Ford's self-driving cars. A big part of the deal is Ford's QNX Neutrino OS, an operating system widely speculated to be the core of the company's self-driving system for the foreseeable future.

The Neutrino system can already be used to display maps and detect and display objects within a given distance of an autonomous car. Some of Ford's current offerings already rely on parts of the QNX code in its embedded software. As the code is more fully developed BlackBerry, it is also expected to contribute to digital security for Ford. For the latest Ford technology visit or speak to a team member.

Autonomy Requires Robust Software

Getting the deal done with Ford could be the best decision BlackBerry executives ever made. Think of this: autonomous cars need robust software that can analyse data and 'make decisions' at lightning fast speeds. The first company to solve the software dilemma will have a huge advantage over all the others. BlackBerry is essentially positioning its future with Ford by agreeing to provide the software the car maker needs.

Understanding Ford's success over the decades, it would be hard to bet against them in the race to autonomy. We've seen before how their steady and consistent approach causes them to fall behind in the short-term only to make up lost ground and eventually come out in front. The very same thing could happen with autonomy. If it does, BlackBerry's fortunes will be turned around as well.

Only time will tell what the Ford/BlackBerry deal will produce. History suggests the results will be positive. If Ford and BlackBerry can make this deal work to advance autonomous cars more quickly than the competition, it's likely that any lingering regrets linked to exiting the smartphone field will be quickly forgotten. 

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