Ford Escort with famous former owner up for auction




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Ford Escort with famous former owner up for auction

Posted on 11 Sep 2018

At first glance it looks like any other 1976 Ford Escort. But with a special owner in its past it is set to be sold for a lot more money- $300,000 to be precise. The For Escort 1100 GL’s previous owner was former Pope John Paul II.

Ford Escort With Famous Former Owner Up For Auction

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Stored at the Vatican following John Paul II’s elevation to Pope it was first auctioned in 1996 before being sold at Kruse International Auction Park in Auburn, USA for $102,000. A further auction saw it increase to $690,000 when Houston millionaire John O’Quinn became the owner. Following his death it is being sold as part of his collection by RM Southeby.  

Set to be in the same condition as when left by John Paul II it is finished in light blue with power brakes, clock and driver’s side mirror. The staple of modern motoring- a radio and air conditioning are not included.

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