Ford Focus RS undergoes £100k makeover




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Ford Focus RS undergoes £100k makeover

Posted on 06 Feb 2018

Since buying his Ford Focus RS in 2011, Pub landlord Richard Fox has been spend around £100,000 transforming it to make it “like a work of art”. No longer driving it on a regular basis as it is too powerful, it has taken seven years to date.

Ford Focus Rs Undergoes 100K Makeover

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Completely modifying the exterior and interior of the hot hatch, the seats, bonnet, door, and steering wheel have been replaced. The 2.5l engine has been rebuilt with Fox “going to try and see if we can get 1,000 brake horse power”. Other modifications include paintwork, sound system and body artwork. 

Ford Focus Rs Undergoes 100K Makeover

Finding time around running the Yardbridge Inn in Sandown, Isle of Wight, evenings are spent continuing to work on his dream car. Helped out by his friends, he added "It's an expensive hobby its naturally evolved through time. It was my everyday car until about four years ago when I stopped driving it from A to B because of the horsepower.”

Ford Focus Rs Undergoes 100K Makeover

The modifications to the Ford Focus RS have given it the ability to keep up with supercars including Ferraris. With limited holiday opportunities due to running a pub, he sees the modified Focus RS as his hobby. With no plans to ever sell it, he added "I'll keep it forever. People tell me that I won't get my money back on it but it's not about the money for me. It's a labour of love."

Looking to add further modifications to his £100,000 project, sponsors are now on board. With limited opportunities to truly put it through its paces on the island, keep your eyes out for it on the roads of mainland England.

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