Ford Offers 20 PHEVs for TfL Clean Air Project




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Ford Offers 20 PHEVs for TfL Clean Air Project

Posted on 25 Jan 2017

Ford's UK division has repeatedly said it wants to be a leader in green energy and environmental issues. They have backed up those claims on numerous occasions, and now they are doing it again with the announcement of a project in partnership with Transport for London (TfL). This new project will see Ford trial 20 new plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) that will run entirely on electric power during the trial.

Ford Offers 20 Phevs For Tfl Clean Air Project

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The modified Transit Custom vans can normally run on both fossil fuel and electricity. But since the goal of the project is to determine how much emissions can be reduced in major urban centres like London, the vans will be operating only in electric mode. Ford's PHEVs will be going to numerous organisations in the capital, including some designated for the TfL fleet.

Ford of Europe CEO Jim Farley says the PHEVs represent his company's foray into commercial electric vehicles. Their project with TfL is just the start of a broader strategy to work with major cities around the world to reduce emissions and improve air quality. The TfL project will give the company an opportunity to test their software and telematics systems before offering additional vehicles to other fleets in other cities.

Where Does Ford Go from Here?

Organisations receiving one of Ford's PHEVs will not actually get their hands on the vehicles until the trial starts this autumn. How soon Ford will start analysing data from the trial no one can say, but it doesn't seem likely that new trials will be undertaken in other cities until early 2018, at best. Ford could be looking at summer or autumn of 2018, depending on the results of the London trial.

Regardless, Ford is clearly committed to reducing emissions for commercial vehicles. As the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in Europe, they have every incentive to do so. They appear more than ready to lead the way with electric and hybrid vans that they hope will be the number one choice for fleets operating in urban centres in the future. will continue to monitor developments

Why Trial in the UK?

It may seem curious that Ford would choose to trial their PHEVs in the UK given that North America is a bigger market. But we have something North America lacks: a commitment from both the public and private sectors to lead the world in reducing carbon emissions and stopping climate change.

This commitment is demonstrated in the fact that the government supplied nearly £5 million to make the Ford project possible. The government has contributed to numerous other projects as well. According to Climate Change and Industry Minister Nick Hurd, the government's commitment remains steadfast.

While the government continues to invest in the auto industry in the hope of producing cleaner, more efficient cars, Ford will take every opportunity to work with its public-sector partners to design and build the cars and vans necessary to keep things moving. Their new PHEV project in concert with TfL is evidence of that.

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