Ford reveals self-driving car patent




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Ford reveals self-driving car patent

Posted on 17 Aug 2017

With the continuous development of technology to assist with the potential of driverless car, Ford has recently filed a new patent. Looking to develop a system of removable steering and pedals for autonomous vehicles, Ford is looking at ways of removing driver input.

Ford Reveals Self Driving Car Patent

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Two patents filed note two challenges faced when looking to remove a steering wheel. They are that it usually contains the driver air bags and secondly that the lack of steering wheel can affect the response for extreme dynamic manoeuvres such as lane switching.

The patent includes drawing of airbag deployment both within the steering wheel and dashboard. The steering wheel can controlled either mechanically or electronically. Using a spring and gas damper, as well as an electric actuator and software to stimulate the resistance of a brake pedal.

Legislation regarding the use of autonomous vehicles is still to be revealed. With this in mind the system developed by Ford would allow flexibility to meet legislation in an individual location.

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