Ford RS200 sells for £132000 at auction




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Ford RS200 sells for £132000 at auction

Posted on 14 Sep 2018

A 1980s Ford RS200 that does not feature a radio, boot or sat nav has sold at auction for £132,000.The rare model that was originally built to compete in the 1986 Swedish-Finnish rally but never made it on to the start line. 

Ford Rs200 Sells For 132000 At Auction

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With only 4,000 miles on the clock, an average of 125 a year, it is one of the most sought after fast Ford cars of all time. The low numbers available is due to the Group B rallying series being cancelled. This was due to high-profile crashes and fatalities. Any remaining Ford RS 200 models were largely undriven and kept in pristine condition. This is seen in the recently sold model that appears to be completely spotless.

Ford Rs200 Sells For 132000 At Auction

Powered by a 1.8l four cylinder engine that can produce 450bhp, it is mounted at the rear of the vehicle taking up traditional boot space. Speaking about the sale, Damian Jones of H&H Classics commented "Because Group B rallying was scrapped at the time it was, the RS200 never really got the credit or success it deserved”. He added “With a bit of time it could have gone on to be a real success in the field, similar to the Audi Quattro. The problem was that the speeds being achieved at that time would have been competitive on an F1 grid and when you're going through the forest it just isn't safe”.

The unknown buyer bid £115,000 for the car with the total price of £132,000 including fees.

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