Ford Unveils Electromagnetic Charging at CES




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Ford Unveils Electromagnetic Charging at CES

Posted on 11 Jan 2017

If you're the proud owner of a latest model mobile phone, you probably know you don't necessarily have to plug the phone in to charge it. Instead, you can use electromagnetic charging to put the juice back in your device in a matter of just a few minutes. Well, how would you like to do that with your car? Ford is working hard to make sure it becomes a reality, as evidenced by a brand-new electromagnetic charging system unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The CES is always the place to see new electronic gadgets about to hit the shops. This year, electric cars have taken a more prominent place in the show compared to years past. Ford is a big part of that. Ford is leading the way in numerous technologies for electric cars, including electromagnetic charging and charging with solar panels.

Ford Unveils Electromagnetic Charging At CES

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This latest technology allows Ford owners to pull into specially designed parking spaces with electromagnetic chargers. They can remain parked long enough to fully charge the vehicle or just sit for a few minutes to boost their power long enough to get to where they're going. Best of all, there's no need to plug in any cables. Just pull in, park, and let the charging begin.

How It Works

Electromagnetic charging utilises an electrically charged pad, a magnetic field, and a charging receiver. A mobile phone with this kind of capability need only be placed on a charging pad to transfer power from the pad to its batteries. Ford's electromagnetic charging station works in the same way.

The car is fitted with a receiver on the undercarriage, which is connected directly to the charging system. Once sitting above an active charging pad, a magnetic field is established between the pad and the receiver. Electricity flows through that magnetic field and into the receiver, thereby charging the car's battery.

Wireless charging is already available on a limited basis in Europe thanks to a partnership between Ford and a number of major European cities. The company has said it plans to bring electric cars fitted with the technology to Europe this year to be part of a brand-new trial of the system. Though they haven't said which cities they intend to use for the trial, it's likely London will be one of them.

Ford's electromagnetic charging trial is part of a larger strategy to roll-out an entirely new fleet of electric vehicles in Europe over the next five years. The company has even gone so far as to say it will be releasing a hybrid Mustang in the future. How that will play out in the States, no one knows, but we expect it to do very well in Europe.

If nothing else, Europeans are anxiously awaiting electric car technology that could all but replace petrol vehicles. Ford is betting that their investments in electric technology will pay off big with very strong sales across the European market. We wouldn't bet against it.

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