How Cars Have Changed Over Time




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How Cars Have Changed Over Time

Posted on 02 Jan 2018

The cars we drive today are bigger and certainly much better than they were even just forty years ago. There is no doubting that there have been massive changes in our vehicles since their invention back in 1885. But how much have they changed?

How Cars Have Changed Over Time

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The History of the Car

Travel in the late nineteenth century mostly consisted of horse drawn vehicles, but with the development of the first successful internal combustion engine in 1876, travel changed forever. It was nine years later before the first car, developed by Karl Benz, was sold to the public. It was Benz who invented many of the car’s internal components that we still recognise today, among them the radiator, gear shift, ignition, clutch, carburettor, and accelerator.

Mass production of cars began in earnest in the first couple of decades of the twentieth century with Henry Ford’s Model T, which was first produced in 1908. In 1913, the Model T made its way onto a factory assembly line and up to 10,000 cars were being produced daily at the height of Ford’s success. All Model T’s were black from 1914 to 1925 as the quick-drying paint allowed the most effective production levels. By 1927, Ford had made and sold 15 million Model T’s, and while the first cars were changing hands for around $850, by 1925 the price had dropped to around $260, making them much more affordable.

How Has the Car Changed?

Cars have come a long way since the Model T, but in just the last forty years, there have been massive innovations that have made our cars the amazing vehicles they are today.

These days, cars are packed with state-of-the-art features that make driving a pure pleasure. But most of us take these features for granted. Take headlights, for example. You may not know that headlights were not even mandatory in cars until the early sixties.

Power steering is another feature that modern-day drivers get as standard when they purchase a car. Nevertheless, there are still many people who remember the days before power-steering when massive effort was required just to go around a corner.

Futuristic Features

We have many features in our cars today that might have seemed futuristic even just a few years ago. For example, having access to wi-fi in your car might seem like the stuff of dreams, especially for those kids who are not able to tear themselves away from the internet.

With built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots now a reality, passengers do not have to access their expensive data packages when travelling in a car.

Another fantastic feature making its way into the modern car is the camera that can see all around the vehicle. While rear view cameras have been around for a while and are great when it comes to reversing, new cameras that can see the entire car and have sensors that detect and warn you if you are about to hit something are being introduced by companies like Ford.

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